Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our little Valentine's day excitment

I woke up on Valentine's morning to beautiful flowers. There were a dozen roses mixed in with lilies and they looked beautiful. There was also quite a bit of chocolate; some from Brandon and a heart shaped box of chocolates from each of my three little monkeys.

In the morning, on Valentine's Day, I helped Hyrum finish up his Valentines for his friends and helped him make a Valentine for Brandon.
Since Valentine's was on Thursday, Brandon came home early since Thursday are one of days that he has an easy schedule. It was really wonderful to have a few extra hours with Brandon that we do not usually get to have together.

In the evening, we took Hyrum's little Thomas the Train valentines around to his friends. Hyrum said "Happy Valentine's Day" so cute! He was so excited to take around his valentines to his friends. For the most part, he loves to share with others.

Afterwards, we thought that as a family we would go out to dinner, but when we got to the place we wanted to go, the place was packed! We soon came to realize that the kids wouldn't survive a place like that and opted for Wendy's.

We were the only people at Wendy's; we received the fastest service I have ever seen from Wendy's .

We came home and enjoyed dinner. If I had planned on eating dinner at home, I would have made it a little bit more festive like my parents did while my siblings and I were growing up.

The kids loved their dinner and their Valentine's Day presents. Hyrum got a skittle heart and a big and little race car. Ben and Emmy each got some of their puff treats as well as a big car for Ben an a pretty necklace for Emmy.The kids also really enjoyed their dinner; what is not to like about chicken, potatoes and grease? Not to mention adding a bottle of sparkling cider to our dinner. Hyrum gave the perfect face after taking his first little swig.

For Valentine's day, I got Brandon a box of chocolates, a really cute card and a movie.
He got me a paper cutter. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I think he really picked a good one. The parts can seperate so you can have a large or small paper cutter. Also, you can add different edges to the blade so you can have different types of cuts. The paper cutter took awhile to get here, so he sent this picture to my email account.

It was really nice just to spend time together as a family.


John & Laura said...

What fun and thoughtful gifts!

Jill said...

You are so good! I have all these big dreams about making holidays like Valentine's Day really big, but then life gets in the way. I need to get some tips from you! Oh, and you need to move out here.

2 + 2 = 4 said...

How wonderful!