Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pre-school Party!

On April 30th Hyrum had his pre-school party. As some of you might remember, my friends and I started a little pre-school amongst us back in September. We made it all the way through the alphabet and decided to celebrate and have a party.

The day started off with me teaching the last letter, z. Below the kids are finishing their pictures of the zoo with some very awesome foam animal stickers.

Yes, Hyrum is wearing his soccer shirt. He would wear it all day, every day if I would let him. The other mom's joined us a little later for the party. We read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, played a letter matching game (matching upper case letters to lower case letters) as well as matching the magnet pictures to their correct letter( A to apple, M to monkey).

The moms went all out with the food. They made fun fruit kabobs to dip in a delicious fruit dip. Turkey and pizza roll-ups were also a big hit with the kids.
After the wonderful lunch, we ate our alphabet cupcakes. One of the moms made little tiny cupcakes. Each of the cupcakes had one of the letters. We had the kids sing their ABC's and then they each got to pick their favorite letter. Good thing the mom had two H's since one of the little girl's name also starts with the letter H. Hyrum loved the cupcakes and couldn't get enough. Ben and Emmy also were in heaven eating the cupcakes. Excuse Emmy's hair, she had taken out her elastic and bow twice already that day and I decided not to worry about it.We have had such a fun time doing pre-school with these girls. Hyrum always loves going to pre-school. I am always surprised how much he picks up on. Also, doing a pre-school setting like we did helped me to keep improving my teaching skills.

We have been blessed to have such great friends here in Memphis! We will miss them when they are gone.


The Ward Family said...

How fun! What a great little preschool you have there. :)

gardeniagirl said...

Which pre-school did you do? I'm starting one for Dottie in the Fall and I'm just asking people what they liked. As of right now, I'm doing Joy School, the one I grew up with.

Bonnie said...

So fun! That is such a great way to do pre-school! Congrats to Hyrum for learning all of the letters!