Monday, May 26, 2008

Hyrum's Soccer Games

Hyrum had his last soccer game on May 10th. This season has been enormous fun! Soccer has been a hit in this household. Hyrum has loved every minute! He couldn't get enough. We will sign up for soccer next season.

He is quite the little soccer player. When he isn't hugging Hailey or playing in the dirt, he actually gets a couple of nice kicks in the game.

However, after his first soccer game he realized that he was being pushed around a little bit. So in his mind, it is okay to push in soccer. We have been trying to teach him the rules of the game and also to play aggressive.

Here are some video links from some of his games. The first clip is of the team stretching before the game. I love how serious Hyrum is about stretching.

The second clip is Hyrum and Hailey hugging and also of Hailey running around the field asking Hyrum to marry her.

The last clip is an actual soccer game clip of his last game of the season.

Hyrum is the very blond child in the videos. It is quite easy to pick him out. His number is 13 and his little friend Hailey is 33.


Kyle & Jill Revell said...

How stinking adorable! That is so fun!

Greg and Tammy said...

Hysterical!! and love the Mother's Day apron! What a cute idea.

Kathryn said...

I love little kids playing soccer. They just swarm the ball; so funny. I hope Tyson will want to play soccer.