Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nursery Time!

My babies are old enough for nursery! April 20th was the babies first time going to nursery. They did okay. However, I was in the nursery with them so I think that they felt that they could cry any time something went wrong and come to me. On the very first Sunday I could have had without kids during Sunday School and Relief Society the primary asked if I could sub in nursery. I was a little bummed. I was so looking forward to listen to Sunday School and Relief Society without a baby. I am looking forward to many more Sundays being able to listen in Relief Society and Sunday School.

In the past couple weeks the babies have done a lot better in nursery. I think they draw a lot of comfort from having someone else there as they are starting this new chapter in their lives. The pictures are from before church on their big day.


Jill said...

Nursery rocks! Sorry it was a little anti-climatic what with you having to be in there with them, but at least they're in there for good now!

gardeniagirl said...

Yeah, I don't think it's very nice when they ask people with kids in nursery to sub in nursery. Church is our one break! When we first moved into our ward here in CO, they asked me and Joe to sub for about a month in nursery. We were both very happy when we got called to work somewhere else!

Kathryn said...

Nursery already! You have arrived. It's almost difficult to pay attention without Tyson because I have a short attention span now due to the constant interruptions I'm used to.

Finleys said...

Hey Natalie,

I hope you don't mind, I found your blog site through Jen Johnson's blog. So fun to read up on your little ones. What cute personalities! And happy day for nursery!!