Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ben's First Haircut

After much pleading from Brandon and other family members I realized that it was time to cut off Ben's "rat tail/mullet." I didn't want to get his hair cut because it was one more step to having my sweet Benji Boo grow up.

Before picture

We got Ben's hair cut on April 14th, while my mom was here visiting. I knew I needed extra arms to pin and take pictures. Not mention help watch my other two little monkeys.
My mom and I took Ben to the local Wal-mart to have the cutting done. Since Hyrum needed a hair cut too, he went first to show Ben how to sit and hold still while getting a hair cut.

The hair dresser then worked her magic on Ben's beautiful red mullet. She commented on how what a great color his hair was (maybe they say that to everyone). At the beginning of the hair cut, Ben sat really still. After awhile, he started to get a little restless, so the hair dresser got a toy for him to play with. The toy entertained him for a few minutes, but after that he started getting upset and started to cry. He was finished getting his hair cut.Thank goodness for suckers! The suckers make everything all better.
I was pleased with how the hair cut went. I wanted her to still keep the baby hair cut for a little while longer, but get rid of the rat tail. Don't worry, I kept part of his hair that was cut off to go in his scrapbook. I think I will cut Ben's hair from now on, but wanted a clean point to start from.


Marci said...

He looks so handsome! First hair cuts are hard. I remember when Jensen got his hair cut for the first times I was devestated. He was bald for so long so when he finally started growing some hair, Brian decided he wanted a little boy with a buzz. So while I was out one day, he took the buzzer to Jensen's head. I was so mad, I went right out and got him a hat to wear! Your little Ben's cut looks very nice!

Ashlee said...

That is pretty neat that you were able to distract him long enough to finish the cut. You are right-candy can do wonders:)Glad it looks like it turned out really well!

Greg and Tammy said...

Congrats on a successful haircut! He looks so handsome! And love the professional pics of the kids. Where did you get them done? The soccer pics are so cute of Hyrum!! AND... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK for the bows! They are so darling! I can't to take her pic with them. You are the BEST! I'm so impressed you made them.