Friday, September 28, 2007


Some ladies and I in my ward decided that we would do a pre-school together. What happens is that pre-school is every Friday and we rotate who's house the pre-school is at and who is teaching. There are four kids and three parents so it works out really nice. I started off last week by teaching the letter 'A' and today Hyrum is learning about the letter 'B'. He was so excited to go to pre-school today with his friends. He also thought he was pretty cool wearing his Elmo back-pack. He looked so cute I couldn't help taking pictures of him!


John & Laura said...

We did a similar thing with JuJu a few years ago--It was a lot of fun. Good for you!

And I love your new layout for your blog. Very cute!

Brian said...

Way to go Hyrum - that sounds like a lot of fun. Now you and your dad can be twinners with your backpacks!

Amy said...

Looks so grown up