Sunday, May 04, 2008

18 month check-up

The babies' had their 18 month well baby check-up on April 14th. Other then Ben having croup when we went in (which I don't think he had), the babies are doing great.

Emmy- 23.2 lbs, 30.5 inches
Ben- 26 lbs, 32.5 inches

The babies also recently had an evaluation done by their occupational therapist. The babies are doing fantastic. They are still a little behind in some areas of development, but not a great amount behind that their therapist is concerned about it. I had of choice of having the therapist still come to see them or not. I decided to still have therapist come...there is still work to be done. I would like to have Ben and Emmy completely caught up before I discontinue the therapist.

Here are some interesting facts about Ben and Emmy:Ben loves being outside. Yesterday, he was out sitting in our back yard playing with the flower weeds. It was so cute. He was so happy to be outside. The other day it started to rain while he was outside. He didn't come in, I had to go and make him come inside. He also LOVES going to the park. He enjoys using his climbing skills to climb on the play grounds (with mom close by). He is in heaven swinging on the swing. Ben is always quite bugged with me when it is time to leave. He fights me tooth and nail.

Ben loves to climb. He has been able to climb up our stairs for a long time (I would say he has been climbing up them a little bit before he turned one). His new trick is to climb on his toys and look out the window.
Also, he has figured out how to climb on the kitchen chairs and then climb on the table. Even when I try to be tricky, he still finds away to get on top of the table. He loves problem solving and has always been very good at it.

Ben loves to talk on the phone. One of his favorite toys right now are toy phones. He especially loves when I give him the real phone to talk to someone. He will jabber a little bit, say bye, and give the phone one of his open mouth kisses. So cute! He gets quite bugged with me again if he doesn't get a chance to talk.

Ben loves to play with cars. His older brother has taught him well. The babies' therapist commented on how early they learned the skill of rolling a car (before they turned one). Ben now drives his cars on the couch just like Hyrum does.

Ben loves to read. He is constantly bringing me books to read to him. After he rubs his little chest to say please, he gives me the book, and turns himself around to walk backwards and find a nice comfortable spot in my lap so I can read him his books. Ben will sit and have book read to him for a very long time. He is a little book worm.Emmy loves playing with our lion puppet. She is so cute. She will bring the puppet to me to have me put it on her. She will stick out her little hand for me to put it on. She then growls. It makes me laugh every time. The below picture was taken back in February. I can't believe how much her hair has grown since then. She loves getting her hair done. She knows that after she gets dress for the day it is off to mom's bathroom to sit in the sink and get her hair done. She hold still pretty well. When she gets mad at me, she gives me this dirty look and then she takes out her little pony tail.

Emmy loves playing with my make-up brushes. She loves it when I put a little blush on her cheeks or a little lip gloss on her lips. Emmy also loves shoes and is always carrying them everywhere. You can find her shoes all over the house.

Emmy loves sitting on the stairs or anywhere else that is little. She really loved sitting in the pink chair when she got her picture taken.
She brings me a bib to put on her when she is ready to eat.

She is also my little raccoon. That girl is always digging around in the trash can. Looking for things that mom threw away prematurely. After Emmy finds her treasure,she chuckles as she runs away with it. She also does the same thing when she takes something away with her brothers.

Emmy loves her stroller and her baby. She loves having giving her baby kisses, putting the baby in the stroller with her blanket and taking the baby for the ride. She holds her dolly by her hair most of the time

Emmy loves wearing her hats. After the snow day in March, she wore her winter hat around for a few days.Emmy also loves talking/playing with phones. She also does sign language for the word please. She is so funny, she will say please for things that she doesn't usually get (like a cookie) but if it is something that she always get ( like a drink) she won't say please.

Both babies love animals; especially dogs. Ben loves to get as close as he can to animals. Emmy on the other hand perfers having a little distance. When they hear a dog bark they love to bark back. Our neighbors have a dog and the babies love watching the dog through the cracks of the fence.

Both babies also love Hyrum. They love playing with him and doing whatever he does.

Both babies say uh-oh, yes, please, thank you, mom, dad, duck, baby. Emmy jabbers all the time. The babies understand quite a bit.

Brandon and I love them both very much and are so blessed to have them in our family.


Camille said...

What cuties! Emmy is such a smiler. She seems like she has such a great temperament.

Ace the Goat said...

that picture of you, i mean emmy, in the stroller REALLY looks like you! they are so cute!!

Brian & Emily said...

no WAY!! Nursery? Already? I'm in total denial. They are growing up so much, its just amazing! They look fantastic and its so fun to hear what they're up too! PLEASE keep the details and updates coming! We EAT them up!!! Love you guys:)