Monday, February 05, 2007

We've gotten so big!

Ben and Emily have grown so much lately. At their last weight check they came in at 9 lbs 13 ozf for Emily and 12 lbs 5 oz for Ben. We decided to take pictures of them in the clothes that they came home from the hospital so everyone can see the difference. The link here connects you to the pictures of them when they came home. Below are the after pictures!

I love this picture, it shows that they actually had a lot of hair.

They actually had more then this when they were born.


John and Amy said...

It's incredible how fast they grow up. Yesterday Chloe was rolling all around the floor...and I'm going, what happened? I swear I just gave birth to you and now you're rolling around? Ugh! They are adorable though!

Jill said...

They're huge! They're both bigger than Kate is right now. It looks like Ben will be taking after Hyrum with growing so fast. Crazy!