Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Presents

Happy belated Valentine's Day to everyone. Nothing really exciting here happened on Valentine's Day. As a tradition, (started from the time I was little) usually we have a nice candle lit dinner with round steak at my parents house, but my brother was sick with the flu, so they brought it over to our house. Also as a tradition, my dad gets all the kids balloons and flowers for the girls. The kids really enjoyed their presents. Ben and Emily got two new rattles from Brandon and I, a Baby Einstein Video from Grandma and Grandpa Broderick. Hyrum got the Doc and Sally from the movie Cars from Brandon and I as well as a Little Einstein DVD and coloring book from Grandma and Granpa Broderick.

Ben and Emily love the balloons! The two of them just sit there and stare or watch as Hyrum runs through the house holding on to the balloons. Hyrum loves Little Einsteins so this movie and coloring book was a big hit! He also loves his Cars and has been playing with them almost constantly.

Brandon and I are going to the Stake Valentine's Dance tonight for our V-day celebration. We are really looking forward to it. We have gone the pass two years and have really enjoyed it.

My three silly kids (yes, Hyrum's hair is wild, I am learning how to
cut his hair tommorrow at Enrichment. I am really excited, hopefully it will go well).

Emily and her roses from Grandpa

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John and Amy said...

We have the whole set of Baby Einstein, and we have one of the Little Einsteins...greatest money we've EVER spent!!! I'm sure they'll love them!