Sunday, February 11, 2007

Emily and her bows!

I have recently been able to figure out how to keep the bows in Emily's hair. As a result, I have been putting a bow in her hair almost every day. Hyrum has noticed these bows and likes them. When he first saw them, he wanted both Ben and Emily to wear them. Hyrum and I have been having discussions why Emily gets to wear the bows, but Ben doesn't. I am not sure if it is really clicking, since for the most part he refers to both of them as Ben (he has just started to call her his version of the name Emily). Any time he sees a bow, he tries to put it in her hair. One time, he found the bottle of bows that the NICU gave me for her and as a result...see pictures below.


Jill said...

Two girls later and I still can't figure out how to make those stupid bows stick without hurting them when I take it off. At least at this point I can put real bows in Cambri's hair so that should hold me over until Kate's hair gets longer.

It's Cloudy Up Here said...

This may sound cruel, but it works and it doesn't hurt to take them out (as long as you don't mind keeping the bow in their hair until the next bath!) I use a glue stick! Plain, washable, non-toxic glue stick. It stays in great and then I just rub soap and water into it, let it soak for a minute, and it comes out! Also, if you use a little clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbon, your bows will stay prettier for longer! Good luck!


Brandon and Natalie said...

Minerva, I have never thought of a glue stick as well as the idea of nail polish to keep the bow nicer longer. You have always been a fountain of knowledge since I have known you.