Monday, February 05, 2007

The Great Big Brother!

Hyrum is such a great big brother. You can tell that he really does love Ben and Emily. He is always asking to hold them (even though he only wants to hold them for a couple seconds), tries to feed them their bottles and give them their binkies. When they cry, he gets this concerned look on his face and asks, "what's wrong." In fact, this morning, I woke up to Hyrum talking on the monitor. Hyrum climbed into Ben's crib (they have been seperated since they have been sick) and was sitting there talking to him.

The Tibbitts' Boys

Hyrum and Emily

Hyrum giving Emily a kiss


Jill said...

Hyrum and Cambri sound just alike! whenever Kate cries Cambri rushes over to her, puts her pacifier in, and says, "It's okay Kate. Mommy be right back."

John and Amy said...

I love that! Gwendolyn loves putting the binky in Chloe's mouth too. Although in her pesky moments she likes to take it out too. Haha, ahhhh toddlers!