Sunday, February 18, 2007

Family Fun!

The weather has been so nice lately that we decided to take a walk together as a family; the babies' first. Ben slept the whole time and Emily was wide awake. Hyrum talked to us the whole time about what he was seeing. We looked like a train of babies with the babies' in their double stroller and Hyrum in his.We had such a fun time and ended the walk at a local bakery to get some "yummies."

Another fun thing we did was have a picnic in our front room on the floor. We had your typical picnic food and watched Open Season together as a family. Hyrum loved it!


Jill said...

Aren't walks the best? I'm glad that the weather finally cooperated so that you guys could go out. And your picnic was such a good idea--we'll have to try that out sometime!

John and Amy said...

That's so fun! You guys are the cutest family...!!!!!!

Emily and Brian said...

Yay for indoor picnics! We did the same thing in my family growning up and I love those memories!