Monday, February 05, 2007

Hyrum and his Toys

Hyrum got so many new toys for Christmas. Some of his favorites include Thomas the Train set and his yellow bulldozer. He loves them, but why would he not, some of his favorite things are trains and trucks.Hyrum likes to put his finger down on the track and see if he can have the train run in to it. After the train hits his finger, he just laughs and laughs.

Here Hyrum is playing with his bulldozer that even makes noise!


Jill said...

He sounds like he's 100% boy! Cambri plays with cars sometimes, but usually ends up telling me how pretty they are or something like that.

John and Amy said...

I love differences between girls and boys. Gwendolyn spends her day either cooking with a pot and a spoon. Or putting her dolly down for a nap. haha, sheesh..where does she learn that!

What a cute family. said...

Beverly got the same train set for Christmas! She loves it. I love it too. It's cute and now she loves all things Thomas.