Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hyrum Loves Water

Hyrum loves to play in the water. If he had his way, he would play in the water all day. His new thing that he does is pushes his toy over to the sink and plays with the water and the dishes in the sink. I caught him in the act and took some pictures. Now instead of playing in the kitchen sink with the dishes, I let tiny amount of water run in the bathroom sink and he plays with his own little dishes.

By the way, he is in his beloved rocket pajamas. His favorite show is Little Einstein's and in that show they drive around in a rocket and go explore. He loves it and therefore, the pajamas!
FYI: There is a post that I did today, but I started it awhile ago and I finally finished it. Here is the link since it ended up halfway down the page.

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John and Amy said...

That's funny! Gwendolyn loves water too. I let her do the same thing. I let the water run a little and just let her play in it.

She also loves Little Einstein, she loves Annie!