Monday, May 25, 2009

Z is for Zoo!

Last week, on Tuesday, the kids and I went to the zoo. Ben and Emmy have been participating in a playschool. It has been great. Each of the mom's rotate who is teaching and what letter. The kids have loved the fact that they get to go to school like Hyrum and daddy.

For the last day of the playschool, and for the letter Z, we went to the zoo. The kids loved going with so many friends. There were 9 kids in the playschool, but only five of the kids were able to go to the zoo. Noah, Olivia, Hyrum, Aleece, Lainey, Emmy, and Ben
Emmy and Noah
Hyrum and Aleece were able to tag along, even though they didn't do the playschool. It was nice having the big kids come, they did a great job helping out with the little ones.
Emmy and Ben had such a fun time walking around with the big kids. The loved being able to look at the animals a little closer. Looking at the Meerkats
In the picture below, the kids are looking at a leopard that is walking really close to the fence. They thought it was fascinating.One of the moms brought yummy zucchini muffins to share; the kids loved them. We brought some animal crackers to share with the group.The kids had such a great time and for the most part pretty good and stayed close to mom. Of course on the way out we had to stop at the cement animals and get a picture taken. Ben is being grumpy because I wouldn't let him walk around on the animal. It is always fun to go to the zoo!


The Larson Family said...

What a fun way to do preschool! That's a great final activity too. It looks like they had a blast!

mamasteph said...

We did have fun, didn't we! Playschool was so much fun this year!