Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friends Visiting

We were so lucky to have some of our friends come and stop by for a quick visit at the beginning of the month. You might remember this adorable redhead from this post. That is right, Hyrum's beloved Hailey came back to visit for her dad's graduation from optometry school.We were lucky enough to be able to watch Tanner and Hailey while their parents went to graduation. It took the kids only just a couple of minutes to jump back into the swing of things. Hyrum and Hailey have always played so well together and have such a great time.On the Sunday this cute little family was leaving, we had them over for dinner and once again were able to enjoy some time together. Below is a picture of the kids. We were in a rush to take the picture, as a result, Emmy's face didn't get clean. Big surprise that her face would be covered with chocolate.Celia has been such a good friend. She helped me so much when I first moved to Memphis and I will always be grateful for the kindness and friendship that she has shown me. Notice how cute Celia looks! Can you even tell she is seven months pregnant?During the day Hyrum asked Hailey's mom, Celia, if she wouldn't mind leaving Hailey at our house to play. Celia got a good kick out of that and told Hyrum that she would miss Hailey too much if Hailey stayed at our house.We were sad to see them leave, but we had a great time while they were visiting. Hopefully we will be able to visit them when we come to Utah in June.
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The Larson Family said...

Fun! It looks like the kids got along really well. I like that photosharing thing you did too. I've never seen that before.

Bonnie said...

Friends are the best! It is so sad people have to move away. But I'm glad you guys got a good visit, that's fun!