Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crazy Days!

Every Thursday at preschool during the month of May was a "crazy day." Hyrum loved the idea that he and his class would have silly days. He talked about the approaching days for weeks planning what he wanted for each day.

The first Thursday was pajama day. Hyrum knew without a doubt that he wanted to wear his Papa's shirt and soccer pants for pajama day. He was so excited when he was finally able to show off his awesome shirt. I forgot to get a picture of that day, but you could tell he was so please to show off his beloved papa shirt.

The next Thursday was backwards day. Hyrum thought it was so silly when he wore his clothes backwards. I thought he looked so cute. A silly face picture to go with a silly day.
After backwards day came crazy hair day. Hyrum told me long before the day arrived that he wanted a "Moohawk." He was very specific when I was combing his hair about what pieces of his hair should be up and what ones had to be down.

Maggie, Boo, Delanie, Hyrum, Aleece

The last Thursday was a crazy hat day. We decided to create our own silly hat. Since Aunt Millie came in the night before, she was able to help Hyrum with his hat. Of course, since Ben and Emmy saw Hyrum doing something fun they had to join in on the excitement. The finishing touch on the hat was that it was sprayed with glitter. I think his hat looked fantastic. I think he thought his hat was very awesome. He was very excited to show off his very cool hat to everyone. I think having the silly days was the perfect way to end the year.


mamasteph said...

I agree! Crazy days was definitely a great way to end the year! Love the hat!

Bonnie said...

That is so fun! I love the hat!

Ashlee said...

I love that idea too! Thanks for the crazy hat idea-My Ben will love it :)

Kathryn said...

Oh, what a fun idea! I love the hair. What a cute kid.

Carl and Starla said...

Yes, Delanie had fun for all the "Crazy Days" too. Tami does such a great job!

T and B said...

What a fun idea. I love it!