Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Years Down!

On May 1st, Brandon had officially completed two years of optometry school! Only two more to go unless he decides to complete a residency program.

The week after May 1st Brandon had off from school and we loved having him home every minute.

The kids and I decided that it would be fun to take dad to the Children's Museum here in Memphis that we went to with grandma and papa. The kids had such a great time showing Brandon all the fun things to do at the museum. I also think Brandon had almost as much fun as the kids.

Emmy really loved the kitchen in the Chinese exhibit. She loved pretending to cook.The boys really enjoyed the firetruck, police car and police motorcycle area again and spent a lot of time playing in that exhibit.

Ben loved it when dad got in the back of his car.

The next day, we went to the zoo with our friend Macey. Every Tuesday, after 2:00, they open the doors to the public for free, if the person is a resident of Tennessee.
The kids love Macey and had so much fun with her. The kids loved the sea lion exhibit and the live show that the sea lions performed. Another area the kids really enjoyed is that Native American exhibit. The kids also enjoyed riding the train in the farm part of the zoo. I thought it was pretty funny when we first got here that they had cows, chickens, horses, pigs etc. at a zoo. However, when you think about it you realize that most of the children coming to the zoo have never seen those animals before.

For the rest of the week that Brandon was home we cleaned, got caught up on projects and enjoyed being together as a family. The kids were so excited when they woke-up every day and Brandon was still at home.

Brandon offically started his third year last week. He is really nervous about starting to work in the clinic where he will have real patients. I am sure he will do fantastic. Below is a picture of Brandon after his first day of the start of the new year.
I am so proud of him and how hard he works to become the best he can be.
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The Larson Family said...

It looks like there's a love connection there. That is so cute. And congrats on getting a little closer to being done with school!

Liz said...

2 years down, that's great! You guys always do so many fun things. That children's museum looks so awesome! We have one in downtown Houston that we've been to once, but I think we need to check it out again when we have more time to see what all is there.

mamasteph said...

Looks like fun! Way to go on two years down!

Greg & Angel Johnson said...

wow - you did catch the kiss at exactly the right time! too cute!! congratulations brandon!!

Kyle, Tiffany, and Kaiden said...

That children's museum looks great. We have one here, but haven't been yet. Looks like they had a bunch of fun.