Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fathers and Sons

On May 15th and 16th was our ward's Fathers and Sons' Campout. The boys were so excited to go. This was Ben's first year going with Brandon. Ben knew going camping with dad must be something exciting since Hyrum was so excited to go.

A week before the camp out, Brandon and I were talking about the Fathers and Sons' activity. While Brandon and I were talking, Hyrum started mentioning how fun it was to sleep in the van and the yummy "nummies" they cooked around the fire(smores and starbursts). It was so funny to listen to him talk about how much fun he had with Brandon last year.

When Brandon got home from school on the 15th he stared to get everything ready. The longer Brandon took to get everything packed, the more excited the boys got. It was so cute to hear Hyrum talk to Ben about what they were going to do while they were camping and how Emmy couldn't come because she is a girl.The boys were more then ready to hop in the car with dad when it was time to hit the road. From what Brandon tells me they had such a great time and for the most part pretty good. They had a fireside about the Priesthood and Brandon said they were perfect during it. Ben was the youngest camper from the ward there.

While camping, Ben kept trying to jump in the fire, the boys got to play with a whole bunch of boys from the ward, Hyrum and Ben got to sleep in the van, have smores, stay up unti l 11, and have time with dad. I don't think anything could have made them happier.I receieved the picture on my phone below on the night of the 15th. It looks like they were loving life.They ate an early breakfast the next morning in order to be able to make it home in time for Hyrum's soccer game which didn't happen. Oh well, they had a blast and have been pretending to go camping ever since; except now Emmy can come.

I am so grateful that I am married to a man that thinks outings like these are important. Also, that he takes the time to do these things with our kids.

Emmy was feeling sad that she was getting left out of the excitement, but I told her we would have fun too. It was always a tradition growing up that while the boys were gone to Fathers and Sons, the girls in the family would do something fun too. While the boys were gone, Emmy and I went out to eat. We went to Blockbuster and she got to pick a 99 cent movie. We came home, I painted her nails, watched a Barbie movie, had popcorn and treats. She was in heaven! She loves to get her nails painted and holds very still and waits patiently for them to dry. She also loved the Barbie movie! She hasn't really seen girl movies before. After our fun night, she got to sleep in my bed for the night.It was such a great weekend! Everyone had a great time.


Mandy said...

That is great of Brandon to take the boys. That is sometimes hard work, but so fun for the boys. Making great memories with their daddy. Emmy is growing up. She looks cute in her pig tails. Sounds fun..painting nails, watching movies, popcorn and cuddling with mommy. How fun. That's a great tradition.

We are planning to go to Utah/Blanding over the 4thof July.

Jill Revell said...

That is so for the boys to be with their dad and for you girls to do a girls night out.

mamasteph said...

What fun! You look great by the way!!!

The Larson Family said...

How fun! That is so cute how excited the boys were. It looks like they weren't disappointed either. I feel bad Emmy felt left out, but it seems like you guys had a way fun night too.