Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's Day, I woke up to rose petals on the bed. I also found a rose petal trail leading me to the kitchen where I found my wonderful husband adding the finishing touches to breakfast. He made yummy crepes and had the luxury toppings to go with them. Luxury toppings include the expensive fruit syrup, whipping cream, fresh fruit etc. He went all out and even got some chocolate milk as a special treat for my little milk lovers. The breakfast was so delicious.

On the table I found my Valentine's Day presents. He got me some beautiful flowers that I am still enjoying, a box of chocolates and a picture of a MP3 player that was delayed in coming. I am so excited! I have been working out like crazy and have been using Brandon's MP3 player to keep me occupied, but I am thrilled to have one of my own.

The kids woke up to paper hearts all over the house. Emmy was so excited when she saw them and called them nummies. I think she thought they were super sized conversation hearts.

The kids also found their Valentine's Day presents. Emmy found a pack of farm animals and some beautiful flowers that Brandon picked out for her. One of my favorite traditions growing up was receiving a flowers from my dad on Valentine's Day.Ben received a pack of Safari Animals and a yellow race car. I think yellow is his favorite color. In a pile of colors, it is always the one that he picks out.
Hyrum found a blue car, an airplane and a pack of gum. He thinks gum is pretty hot stuff right now. I am hoping to use the gum to reward him when he makes good choices.
Valentine's Day night we had a wild party at our house. We are in a babysitting group and it was our turn to babysit that night. It was crazy with eleven kids who were five and under, but in return we get three date nights; totally worth it!

I am so grateful for my husband for all the little things that he does that shows me that he loves me. He is always putting me and my needs first. He is such a great person who I love so much!

I am also grateful for my three kids; my very thoughtful Handsome Hyrum, my little Miss Emmy who smiles brighten my day and for my Mr. Ben Boo who has such a zest for life.

Life can not get any better then this!


John and Laura said...

you always have such cute ideas. your kids will remember and cherish them. good for you.

i love the crafts you did. super cute!!

Bonnie said...

What a fun day! Your breakfast sounds delicious!

Jeannette said...

Brandon is the best husband ever!!!! I will be directing Nick to your blog shortly, that breakfast sounds so good!

salem said...

I'm so happy you had a great V-day! Love you guys!!!