Sunday, February 08, 2009

Carousel Time

Also on the 30th of January, we thought it would be nice take the kids and go out for a little bit. We decided to head over to the mall and ride the carousel. The kids were so excited as soon as they saw the carousel lights from the parking lot. Ben and Emmy kept making horse noises over and over and squealing with delight. They were all so excited.

This was the very first time that all three kids chose "moving" animals, aka the ones that go up and down. Ben made some fun horse noises as he was riding his horse. All three had a great time.After we rode the carousel, we thought that we would go and browse in the Disney store. The kids were in heaven. They had a Cars clip from a new movie or maybe television series (I am not sure) that Hyrum just stood there and watched.

Ben was so excited to see all the car paraphernalia. He is a HUGE car fan like his brother.

Emmy would run from one thing to the next. She loved the pretty princess accsessorize and would make "ooo" noises when she saw them. She would see Toy Story items and talk about Hyrum and Cars for her Ben Boo. She loved seeing the sharks and turtles from Finding Nemo. The one item she kept coming back to was a Nemo stuffed fish. She loves her movie "turtles."

We then went and played in the arcade area at the mall. Ever since he was little Hyrum has loved to sit and "play" the car arcade games with the steering wheel and pedal for the player to use. It was cute, the screen showed the cars moving while Hyrum was pretending to drive. He got all excited and told this teenage girl next to him that it was starting. She was sitting in the car spot next to him so I think he wanted her to get ready and race.

We rode the carousel one more time before we left. I was in charge of Emmy during this time. It took us to find the exact horse that she wanted. We went to a couple different horses and other animals she told me no. Finally, we came to the one she had her eye on and she happily got on. Also, during the ride, she would wave to anyone and everyone who she could see.

After the mall, we went to the store to get a couple of groceries. Hyrum was able to pick out a cookie for each child. He got himself and Ben and M&M Chocolate Chip cookie and Emmy a sugar cookie shaped like a heart with heart sprinkles.

When we got the car, each child got their cookie. Emmy devored her cookie in a matter of minutes and it was a good size cookie. Hyrum ate his, not as quickly as Emmy, but he saved me a little piece about the size of a pea that was all gooey after he held it in his little sweaty palms on the drive home. At least he was sharing, right? Ben on the other hand ate his cookie slowly savoring every bite. Emmy tried to have some of his after she at her's all gone, but Ben wouldn't tolerate that. Also, Brandon asked Ben if he could have a bite and Ben told him, "No, Mama's." I thought he meant that I could have a bite and he told me "no." As a result, I came to the conclusion that when he told Brandon, "No, Mama's", he meant that Brandon should have a bite of my cookie.

It was a great night. It was wonderful to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy each others company as a family.

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Isn't the carousel wonderful!