Sunday, February 01, 2009

Decorating the Tree

I know it is February and I am finally getting around to posting about decorating the Christmas tree. My excuse is that I was waiting for some special ornaments to come in and when they came in, they were broken and then we went out of town and... the excuse list continues.

Some may say let this event pass by, but I want it documented.

We decorated the tree on the 30th of November, the Saturday right after Thanksgiving.

We have an artifical tree that we use that my parents gave us last year. It is a big beautiful tree, but it takes awhile to put it together. Hyrum was able to put his alphabet skills to good use by helping us sort the branches of the tree based on what letter they had.The kids had such a great time decorating the tree. Brandon would help the kids get the ornaments on the hooks and I would help them put them on the tree. Hyrum thought it was pretty cool when we got the step ladder out for him to put ornaments on the high parts of the tree.It was cute to see the kids talk about where to put the ornaments. Most of the ornaments ended up within a foot of each other and so we adjusted them afterwords.
The kids loved the nativity set that my parents bought for the kids that was kid friendly. Emmy packed around the baby Jesus and took very good care of him during the holiday season. Ben packed around the donkey calling it a neigh.Each year growing up, the kids in my family got an ornament that represented them and an event or interested that happened to them during the year. I wanted to continue the tradition with my kids this year.

Hyrum started playing soccer in the year 2008 and so his ornament this year was a soccer ball snowman.
Emmy LOVES ducks so her ornament this year was a pretty glass ornament that I ordered on ebay.Ben LOVES all animals especially horses. His ornament this year was a horse.
We loved our Christmas tree. Ben loved to play with the ornaments and I would constantly find him playing with a pile of ten or so that he would take off the tree when I left the room for a matter of minutes. I should have known last year when he would crawl and lay under the tree for a good twenty minutes and look up through the branches at the lights.

We finally went out and bought a star for our tree since Hyrum was so worried because our tree didn't have a star. Our tree didn't look the best as it could have, but it was decorated with love and with ornaments that meaning behind them.

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Jason, Kodi and Jake said...

Hey! I was so confused when I went back to the first page on your blog and there was another post! It sounds like you guys had a great time in UTah (besides all the sickies--so sad!) Maybe one of these times you come out, I will get to see you!