Monday, February 09, 2009


The kids have a great time with their backpacks. They love to pack them around the house and put their little treasures in them. Very often I will find little cars, play phones and other toys in their backpacks. They also like to pretend that they are going to school like daddy and Hyrum. They will come and get their kiss goodbye from me and off they march to school.

They love to come and sit on the fire place and chatter and play with their treasures they put in their backpack. Once again, I am grateful for their creativity and how well they have been playing together lately. I also love the fact that they know how to have fun without the big flashy toys and for the most part, their biggest enjoyment is playing together.


meg said...

backpacks are so magical, aren't they? jane can play "school" all day long. i love those photos, especially the goggles. cute kids.

salem said...

I want a pair of those star glasses. stat!