Saturday, February 21, 2009

Airplane Driver

I have mentioned recently that Hyrum's creativity and pretend play have suddenly taken off . On the way home from the gym the other day, Hyrum decided to pretend that he was on an airplane. He started calling me airplane driver. I decided to play along and made comments that the pilot usually says when you are flying (arrival time, weather, buckle seatbelts, etc.).

Hyrum went on to request popcorn, which I helped him remember that you get peanuts on an airplane which he then requested peanuts and asked for apple juice. Ben and Emily soon caught onto the game and were yelling out their request. Emmy requested juice to drink and Ben asked for "apple" apple juice.

Hyrum continued to call me airplane driver and make comments about flying. Ben and Emmy also enjoyed playing along.

Hyrum decided that we were flying to Utah to see my parents.

It was too cute and lots of fun. Playing airplane driver in the car was an excellent way to make the drive home fun and exciting.

I am loving Hyrum's creativity and hope never to dampen it. It is amazing where a child's mind can take you.


John and Laura said...

1) What a sweet little boy
2) What a sweet mommy for responding so creatively
3) Good for you for writing this stuff down! :)

The Larson Family said...

That is so cute. You do sound like a fun mom!

steph and brent said...

You guys are adorable and your kids are so creative. I can't imagine all of the fun you have that doesn't make it on the blog.