Monday, February 04, 2008

Handsome Hyrum

Hyrum has been so much fun lately. His vocabulary,independence, creativity, imagination and curiosity have dramatically increased. Hyrum's favorite question is why? His favorite expression is "I do it myself." For the most part, he loves playing with Ben and Emmy and is so excited to have them wake-up. He is always asking for me to take them downstairs so he can play with them. He loves to sing his ABC's and of course, "Twinkle Star".Hyrum loves going to Pre-School with his friends. He still loves playing in the tub and will play in the tub for about 45 minutes. He loves to pretend there are monsters. He also likes to pretend that he is a cowboy.

In his favorite shirt!

Hyrum still is a big CARS fan and has been wearing Car's shirt for two days in a row ( I figure, it is still clean, why not?). He still loves playing with his cars. Hyrum loves talking on the phone to family that lives far away. He also enjoys using tools to try and fix things. Hyrum loves reading books.Hyrum really enjoys playing his games (Hi Ho Cherry-O, Don't Break the Ice, 6 Silly Pins, and CARS Memory Game) with mom and dad. Not only is he excited when he does well, he is excited when others do well in the game and gives them a thumbs-up and claps for a job well done. He is very thoughtful of others. Today at an appointment he wanted to share his treats with the kids on the other side of the room. He also takes care of Ben and Emmy first, then himself. He still is mommy's sweetheart and loves to get mommy loves.

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Brian & Emily said...

YAY!!! We love you Handsome Hyrum!!!