Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Have Two Big Ones

Warning, if you get uncomfortable reading about girly things then this may not be for you but we had to post this. Hyrum has been the source of much laughter as of late. Just this morning, Hyrum was getting some help from his mother in getting dressed for church. During the process, Hyrum glanced up to his mommy's chest and in the process of going to grab them said, "look mom, you have two of them. What are they." Natalie wasn't real sure how to handle the situation but did her best to talk to him. Later today, during the middle of stake conference Hyrum looked over to one of our friends who sat next to us. She is a little on the larger side and Hyrum being observant and feeling this poor lady up said to her, "Wow, you have two big ones!" Needless to say, this stake conference is one I shall never forget. We sure love our Hyrum!!!

Summer 2007 Pictures

Pictures by Willow Batt
If you live in Provo and want professional pictures, let us know


Kathryn said...

Oh no that's terrible! But really funny. Talk about awkward.

What a cute family. said...

Oh, wow. Yeah.

John & Laura said...

ha ha ha! I'm sure all the people sitting close enough to hear that thank you for the mid-stake conf. entertainment! Hey, kids gotta learn about everything sometime, right? The trick is keeping your cool, so he doesn't catch on that there is something taboo about it (I've failed miserably at this several times...but I'm getting better)! Good luck!

Brian & Emily said...

are. you. serious. WE LOVE THIS KID!! If only we'd been there! That's it, we're going to send you guys a tape recorder and you have to hang it around his neck to record all of his Hyrum-isms:) SOOOOOO funny! I don't know what make its more hilarious, just the fact that he noticed and SAID something, or the fact that he said it as he was reaching out for her! AGHHH! Did you guys just die?!!

Greg and Tammy said...

That is an AWESOME story... you must have been so shocked! :) Keep that one for his memory book. And those pics are AWESOME!! He is such a little cutie.