Wednesday, January 30, 2008

15 Month Appointment

The babies had their 15 month well baby check yesterday. Everything looked great! The doctor seemed pleased with how they are doing.

Emmy 20.5 lbs, 29 inches, 15th percentile
Ben 23.7 lbs, 30.5 inches, 50th percentile

Emmy loves, LOVES to wear jewelry. She got a couple of necklaces for her birthday and she loves them! She will put them on by herself and if she can't she will get me to help her. She still dances anytime music is on and even sings sometimes too.She also loves to have her hair combed. I have her sit in the bathroom sink and she just sits there loving every minute of getting her hair ready for the day. Emmy has always loved looking at herself in the mirror. She likes playing with combs to comb her hair. Also, she is really good about keeping her bows and headbands in. The other day, she had taken her bow out of her hair and brought it to me so I could put it back in.
Emmy also loves to read books; especially about babies. She will sit for a very long time and just read books. Emmy says five words now: dad, mom, hi, bye, uh-oh and yes. She said her first word back in the second week of December and it was dad. I think she tries to say other words like Hyrum and baby, but they don't sound at all like what she is trying to say.

Also, last week she took three steps by herself. She is very close to cruising.
It was so cute the other day. Emmy was with me in Brandon and my room. She heard Ben start to cry and instantly she went to the door and was trying to get to him. It was so tender to see the concern she had for her brother.

Ben's big thing right now is that he is into problem solving or 'puzzles' if you will. He loves playing with his stacking cups and trying to figure out how they go back together. I also got this giraffe toy from a consignment sale recently( for the amazing deal of $1.50 and it looks practically new) and he loves it! He also loves playing with cars and is really good at making the car noise when he plays with them.
Ben also loves looking at books and being read to. He will sit for the longest time in your lap and listen to anyone reading him a book.Ben loves to wrestle! When someone is laying on the ground, Ben will go up to them and stand-up for a minute and then fall on the person laying on the floor. Ben laughs and laughs and stands up to do it again. Hyrum and Ben have so much fun wrestling softly. Ben loves being part of the action when dad and Hyrum wrestle too.
Ben's is also saying a few words. He said his first word when Emmy said her's and it was dad. He can also say Mom, baby,yes, and uh-oh. Also like Emmy, it sounds like he is saying other words like Hyrum and a few others, but the sounds he is making sounds nothing like the word.

Ben took his first steps by himself two Sundays ago. He took five steps.

Both babies are teething right now. I think they both have about ten teeth.

The babies also love to talk to each other instead of taking a nap. They will spend probably close to a forty-five minutes talking before they fall asleep, if they fall asleep. Both of them also really enjoy playing with their toy phones and talking into them.

Another funny thing they do right now is that Emmy will sit in the cozy coupe car we have with her jewelry and Ben will push her around the room. What can I say...she knows how to work the system.


Jill said...

Ben and Emmy are absolutely adorable! They make me want to have twins--am I crazy?

Brian & Emily said...

They are perfect!

The Revells said...

your kids are getting so big! i love that emmy loves jewelry. so super cute!

Jack and Bernice said...

Wow, those are some great accomplishments for your two little ones. They are growing up so quickly and are just soooo cute!

The Christensens said...

Your twins are cute. It sounds like they are getting busier and bigger all the time. You are a good mom. Way to take notice of these small things that are important to your babies. You can tell you enjoy them.

Smelsha said...

Cute kids and cute family picture; love the crying face!!

Greg and Tammy said...

The babies are absolutely adorable and you are SUPER MOM in my eyes for taking care of all three of those darling kids so well. Seriously, my hero.