Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Family Fun

I just wanted to take a moment and post about the fun we had as a family tonight. One of the kids' favorite thing to do is to spend time with their dad. They love him so much and are always so happy to see him come through the door.

Today is the start of Brandon's spring break. Brandon decided that he would come home early tonight. The kids had an absolute ball with him. They all wrestled on our bed and tickle each other. Brandon threw the kids up high in the air.

Hyrum was a little nervous about being thrown, not to mention he is starting to get on the heavy side to be doing those types of things. Hyrum was mostly content just to wrestle and be tickled.

Emmy LOVED being thrown in the air and couldn't get enough of it. She would squeal with delight when being up in the air. She would come to Brandon over and over again to be thrown in the air and would try and get on top of him to speed up the process.

Ben was a little terrified, but enjoyed himself. He went to Brandon a few times to be thrown. His favorite thing was probably the wrestling. He will stand over you, if you are laying on the ground, and give you a funny look and then flop himself on top of you and just laugh and laugh.

I would have liked to have captured some pictures of the event, but I decided to enjoy the moment. It was nice to see how happy everyone was and how much they truly enjoy each other. I have been blessed with an amazing husband who loves his kids immensely. I have been blessed with three wonderful, precious kids who love each other and their father. I have been blessed with much.


John & Laura said...

What a sweet post! We really are lucky to have nice, attentive husbands. And they need to hear it more often!

Greg and Tammy said...

HORRAY for great daddy's!! What a wonderful evening together. And your V-day story was great! Wendy's is quite the romantic spot, eh? :)