Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I'm a Sunbeam and a Child of God"

Those are the words that have been coming from Hyrum's lips since he started attending Sunbeams at the beginning of the month.
In our ward they did a big graduation for the new Sunbeams, they even got a graduation hat. The students also got a CD with the songs that they would be learning this year and a graduation certificate. Hyrum was so excited to have his own "movie" as he called it. I thought he would be disappointed when we got home and there would be no picture when we listened to it, but he was just fine having his "movie" only have sound.During the graduation, each Nursery graduate was asked for questions and here our Hyrum's responses.

What is your favorite food: Yogurt (What he had for breakfast, I would have said Chicken Nuggets)
What is your favorite game: The Chair Game ( What I think he is referring to is crawling underneath chairs and having people chase you)
What is your favorite movie: Thomas the Train ( My guess would have been Cars)
What is your favorite color: White ( The color of shirt he was wearing, I would have said blue)

Hyrum telling his answers to the questions

During sharing time the primary president did a nice lesson on being a child of God. The Primary's theme for this year. It obviously really stuck with Hyrum. After Church was finished on that first Sunday, I told Hyrum that we needed to go find the Bishop (actually Bishop's office, but said Bishop so he knew where we were going). Hyrum found the Bishop and went up to him and said, "Hi Bishop, I am a Sunbeam and a child of God." The Bishop started laughing and responded, "That is right, Hyrum. You are a child of God." From that moment on, he has been telling everyone that he is a child of God and that he is a Sunbeam. He loves going to Sunbeams and why not, some of his best friends are there and he gets to learn about Jesus, who loves him. Also, I wanted to add that he does really well in Sunbeams.

Recently, he has been adding that he is going to go to the temple at the end. That could have been due to another lesson or the fact that his little friend Hailey is always asking him to marry her in the temple( she is the girl who he kept trying to kiss during his first day at Sunbeams) or his comment on going to the temple could be due to the fact that he is fascinated with the temple. He loves singing I Love to See the Temple and loves when we drive to go and see the temple.
Hyrum and the other Sunbeams

Another new love Hyrum has right now is the missionaries. We have had some of the best missionaries in our ward recently. They are so cute with Hyrum. The other day when I Hyrum was put on a time out, he was crying for the missionaries to come and help him. Hyrum also loves when we have the missionaries over for dinner. He gets so excited when they come and love to show them all of his toys. I am so grateful for the opportunity we have had to have the missionaries in our home and for the example that they have set for our kids.Also, yesterday, I told Hyrum that President Hinckley had passed away. When I told him, he got a really concerned look on his face and said, "Oh no! He needs his Hyrum." So cute! We had FHE lesson on the prophet and ever since then, Hyrum has loved President Hinckley.


John & Laura said...

It sounds like you're doing a good job of teaching him--What a cutie.

Kathryn said...

Hyrum is such a cuttie! I love the nursery graduation. How fun!

Greg and Tammy said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten since our good ol' BYU days! Congrats on the graduation!

Brian & Emily said...

I love it!!! Will you give Hyrum a kiss for me? You guys are my favorite:) I think we will name our baby Hybenily, or maybe Brantalie...hmmmm -- its PERFECT! Miss you:)

The Christensens said...

What an awesome Primary you have! That sounds like a great idea. Also he is learning a lot! You are doing a great job. If all of us had his enthusiasm and confidence and trust...
Also the missionaries are fun, huh! We loved having them over too, when we were in Indiana. It was great for our kids.
I miss the "mission field"!!