Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Trip To Utah

We had such a good time in Utah. One of the fun things we did that we really enjoyed was going to the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake. Dwight, Lorri and their family came with us along with my mom, my sister and her friend. To start our visit off, we went to a the Rainforest Show. The speakers talked about many different animals that live in the Rainforests. Hyrum loved it and was fascinated by all of the different animals. After the show, they invited people to come and look at the different animals and touch some of them. Hyrum decided that he would just look at the snake instead of touch it.

We then went and looked at all the different exhibits. Some of the different exhibits they had were about Utah Wetlands, Open Oceans and Corral Reefs. Hyrum pretending to driving a boat as
part of the Utah Wetlands exhibit

They even had one tank completely dedicated to sharks which was one of Hyrum's favorites. Another one of Hyrum's favorites and Emmy's was the large octopus. It was really amazing to watch the octopus move around the tank. Hyrum also loved all the fish that look like they were from the movie Finding Nemo. Another one of Hyrum's favorites was the Touch Pool. There they had a large group of sting rays that you could put your hand in the pool and feel. Hyrum loved it! Maybe it had to do somewhat with the fact that he was touching water.

The kids all really enjoyed themselves. Once again, our content little babies were really good and loved to just sit and their stroller and enjoy looking at all the incredible things around them.

Another place we went to on our trip in Utah is a place called Jump On It. This place has probably around 30 or so trampolines that are set next to each other and you jump from one to another. They even had some trampolines against the wall. I can't even remember the last time that I jumped on a trampoline, but it was so much fun. I was a little nervous at first about jumping on the wall, but finally got the hang of it. Brandon loved the trampolines and was like a little boy jumping all over the place. As you might imagine, Hyrum loved this place and went nuts being able to jump around. They also had a few blow-up houses that you can jump on and go down a large blow up slide...lets just say he completely enjoyed himself having people he loves and being able to jump all over the place.

The babies were a little nervous at first, but soon came to love the bouncing as well. If they saw you and you were jumping, they instantly tried to get your attention to come and get them so they could join on the fun.


Jill said...

You guys did tons of fun stuff while you were in Utah! I think that I need to come on vacations with you guys.

The Christensens said...

"Jump on It" looks like so much fun! Maybe we can take a mini- road trip up North. I know you enjoyed your family during your visit. Hope all is well in Tennessee. It's too bad we didn't see you before we moved back to Utah. By the way, your blog spot is beautiful!!