Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas Fun!

We had so much fun this year during the Christmas Season! I think our favorite part was watching our three monkeys' reaction to everything. They loved looking at he lights on the Christmas tree. Ben would go and lay under our tree and look up at the lights. Every day Hyrum would ask me if we can turn on the Christmas lights. The babies also did pretty well at leaving the ornaments alone and we only had a few ornaments come off the tree. The only downfall of the Christmas season would be that everyone except Brandon got sick about a week before Christmas.

Hyrum loved watching all of the Christmas Specials. He would get very concerned about things after watching them. For example, he was worried that we didn't have any snow outside to make a snowman. Also, he wanted to make sure that our Christmas tree had a star on it, so we made one. Hyrum was also worried about the fact that we didn't have any presents under the tree (of course we had presents, but they didn't get put out until before we left to Utah. There was no way little Miss Emmy was going to leave those alone). One decoration that took the cake was at Papa B.'s house and it was a train that went around the tree. All the kids loved watching the train with their Papa go round and round the Christmas tree.

The night before we went to Utah, Santa came and brought some of the bigger presents that couldn't be brought home on the airplane. Also, there were other presents that family had sent that we opened then. The kids loved it! Hyrum was so excited to come down and find his Leap Frog Alphabet Train. Ben and Emmy loved ripping the paper off of their presents. Emmy fell in love with her baby glow worm. She loves giving it hugs and listening to it sing. Ben enjoyed anything he could get his little hands on.

Pictures taken the Sunday before Christmas

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner the night before with candles, sparkling cider, and delicious food. The kids got to open up one present before they went to bed and you guessed it, it was jammies. Hyrum and Millie made a note for Santa and left out some cookies for the jolly man and his reindeer.
The kids went crazy at my parents house on Christmas. They loved seeing all the presents, especially the paper waiting to be torn.

The babies got some lion push toys and they love them. Good thing we got two of them. They also got a fisher -price animal zoo that they enjoy.

Hyrum got another train set. This train set had Thomas on it and he loves it! Hyrum also got this really cool toy called a Globe Driver that he loves!

Later in the morning, we went to my Aunt Lana's house for their traditional yummy Christmas breakfast. It was very enjoyable to see everyone and talk. Lana's boys got the game Dance Dance Revolution (I think that is what it is called) for Christmas. The computer generates different dance steps and the more you dance correctly on the mat, the more points you get. I played against Camille and a couple of my cousins and enjoyed myself, but I didn't score to high. It was pretty fun seeing my dad compete against Camille. Emily thought she needed to get in on the action on so Camille held her while she was playing the game. Emmy loved it! She loves to dance with anyone or by herself. Ben loved riding on the rocking horse. Hyrum loved running around with all the cousins.

Later that day we went up to Kaysville to Brandon's sister, Lorri's, house and enjoyed spending time with them....Overall, it was a great Christmas!

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Jeff Ashlee and Ben said...

I love reading your blog. It is fun to see all the fun that you have with your little family!

Kyle, Tiffany, and Kaiden said...

I got that same doll stroller for Kaiden. Kyle couldn't believe I got him a stroller, but he loves to push around his teddy and Elmo. He used to try to push his stroller around, but would always fall cause it was too big. He loves his stroller, and I love that at least it's not pick.

Jack and Bernice said...

Ahhhh, your babies are growing up so fast! They're so big and soooo adorable. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas and New Years!