Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holiday Vacation

We had the most wonderful Holiday Vacation! Brandon got a little break from school of about two weeks and we decided to take advantage of it. My parents were so kind to give us tickets to come home for part of our Christmas present.

Overall, the kids did really well on the plane there. On the way home, our planes were experiencing a good amount of turbulence and as a result both Hyrum and Ben emptied their stomachs with myself feeling a little woozy.

Hyrum was so excited to see all the snow. He was talking about snow before we left Tennessee and how he wanted some to make a snowman. When we arrived in Utah, he told me, "Mom, there are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 snowflakes." In other words, there is a lot of snow.

Hyrum loved being at his Papa's house. He got to sleep in between Grandma and Papa in their bed. Every morning he would wake up and give them hugs and kisses and tell them that he loved them. Also, anytime anyone came home from being gone he ran to them and gave them a big hug. Hyrum loved seeing his "Oakie and Dounder", not to mention his, "Isa and Cayne. "Hyrum also enjoyed seeing all of the many kids. He really is a social kid and loves to hang out with his friends.

The babies, especially Emmy, were hesitant at first, but soon warmed up to everyone. They loved exploring the new territory and being held and fed by everyone.

We had so much fun and really enjoyed ourselves while in Utah. When we got back, Hyrum said "Papa, Grandma, Sean and Millie are sad. They need their Hyrum." He then told me that it was time for them to come to his house.

Hryum and Ben with Great-Grandma and Great-Papa B.Hyrum and his Papa

Millie and Ben

Emmy and Grandma

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