Thursday, June 14, 2007


Earlier this week, on Monday, we had the greatest family home evening. Brandon did the lesson and it was about how we have a prophet to guide us today and it is President Hinckley. We sang the song We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet, listened to President Hinckley's testimony, taught Hyrum how to say President Hinckley's name (it was so cute!) and ended with a wild game of following the leader. It was such a great night! The spirit was so strong. It was kind of reminer that even the simplest of things can invite the spirit as well as the sweet spirit that surround children.

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minerva said...

Way to go! Having FHE with little kids can be so challenging, and SOOO rewarding. I'm proud of you for finding a lesson that he could follow and an activity that he enjoyed. Thanks for the idea!!