Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

The day Sean left, we came home after taking him to the airport and decorated our Christmas tree.

Every year, the kids get a special ornament to celebrate their year of life. Hyrum's this past year were a Thomas and Percy ornaments. The babies' ornaments were two cute koala bears that matched and said 2nd Christmas.

Hyrum loved decorating the tree. He would tell us were to put the ornaments, however he would have us put them on the tree. He loved looking at all the different ornaments we have for our tree. We had such a blast decorating it, probably the best part was watching Hyrum's excitment as we decorated the tree.


Jill said...

Such a cute boy. Where are the pictures from Christmas?!

meg said...

cute ornaments! and i love how hyrum's enthusiasm jumps out of the pictures--what a great kid. we're glad life is treating you so well.