Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Go Flyers!

On October 3rd, the boys had their first soccer game of the season. They were both extremely excited for their game. Ben has been so excited to be on his big brother's team. Hyrum is also very pleased to have Ben on his team. The boys are the numbers 2 and 10 this year. The number 10 is the same number that my brother, Uncle Sean, is on the Fighting Penguins. The number 2 is the number that my sister is on the Utah Valley University soccer team.Brandon also had a chance to coach the team for the game since the head coach of the team (Nick) had to work. The pictures below are of the kids warming-up before the big game.Hyrum and Jake
The video below is of the kids on the team showing off their flying skills since they are the Flyers.
One last pep talk and team cheer before the game starts.
Both Ben and Hyrum played really well during their first game. In fact, Ben, the youngest player on the team, scored the very first goal of the season. Of course, since I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures or record the event on camera. To end the game, Hyrum scored the last goal. Once again, I didn't have either camera ready for the event. The pictures below are of the boys waiting on the sidelines for their turn to get back in the game. The first picture is Hyrum and his friend J. Emmy sitting in her "special chair" and cheering on "her boys"!
It wouldn't be a true soccer game if it didn't end in with one more team cheer and snacks and drinks.Soccer has been so much fun this season and I have already seen so much growth in the boys in their soccer skills.


Bonnie said...

That is so fun! Way to go boys! That is so cool they each scored a goal! Emmy looks so cute in her chair! Fun!

The Bailey's said...

I love it...you have so many cute pictures. How about that Ben. I love his flinstone run and Hyrum's name fits him in more than one way you know. He is definetly the most supporting brother.....I just love that they are on the same team as J. We got to keep it that way!