Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

When Hyrum heard we were planning to visit a pumpkin patch while my parents were here, he knew the exact one he wanted to go to. Being the creature of habit that he is, he wanted to go to the same pumpkin patch we went to last year.

I can see why he wanted to go to the same pumpkin patch again. The kids had a great time at the patch last year.

Almost every day during my parents' visit to Memphis it rained. The day we went to the pumpkin patch(October 16, 2009) was no different. When we first got to the pumpkin patch, the weather was just cold and had not started to rain yet.
It didn't take Hyrum long to notice that there were not any animals out this year to look at, which was too bad because the kids really enjoyed looking at them last year.

The kids had a great time chucking and grinding corn. Papa and Grandma were there to help get the grinder going in the right direction to work.Emmy loved playing in the pool of kernels. Emmy found a pink shovel which she enjoyed playing with. Hyrum enjoyed scooping the kernels out of the tub and putting them in a wagon to pull around the yard. Ben was just happy to be doing whatever.The boys had a great time riding the teeter totter.Hyrum loved playing on the tire horse.
Hyrum thought he was pretty hot stuff to climb on the big yellow tire.The kids each loved picking out their own pumpkin to take home. There were many pumpkins to pick from. I was hoping to get a fun shot of my parents with all the kids(like last year), but Emmy had things to do and didn't want to stop for a picture.
The kids were able to play on the swingset for a little bit before it started to rain. Emmy loved it when Papa pushed her in the swing. These pictures are blurry since it was raining, they were moving. However, I love how the pictures show the excitement on their faces. You can tell that both Emmy and Papa are having a great time together besides the fact that it is raining and cold.
Even though it was raining, Ben still wanted a turn to have Papa push him in the swing. The good Papa that he is, my dad, gave Ben a few pushes in the swing before we left. Once again smiling and enjoying the kids even though it was so cold.
The kids had such a great time at the pumpkin patch. We only could get them to leave when it started to rain even though they were freezing.

After nap time that day(Friday), we went to the Children's Museum. The kids love going there. I was only able to get a couple of pictures before my batteries were dead in my camera. One of the places we went was the dentist area of the museum. Of course, Ben and Emmy had to do the teeth puzzle.We had such a great time with my parents. The kids loved doing so many fun things with them and were so happy that they came to visit. Of course, even though I didn't get any pictures of the event, but my parents read to them, A LOT. My dad also made them pancakes almost every day. The kids loved having snuggle buddies during nap time. The kids were in heaven! My kids are so lucky to have such great grandparents (on both sides).


The Bailey's said...

that looks like so much fun! Where was that again?? PS you put together the most amazing Halloween party today!

mamasteph said...

Fun!!! Ditto to Jodi's comments! Where is that pumpkin patch?