Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving a Pumpkin

DISCLAIMER-The light in our kitchen is awful for taking pictures!

This past Monday, for Family Home Evening, we carved our big pumpkin(each child has two pumpkins a medium size pumpkin and a little baby one that they received from grandma and papa from the pumpkin patch).

While the kids were finishing their dinner, Brandon went to work on carving the top of the pumpkin and making the inside of the pumpkin loose so the kids would be able to clean it out.
The kids each loved having a turn to pull out the pumpkin goop and seeds. All Clean!
After the insides were scooped out, Brandon found some pumpkin faces on the internet. Brandon picked some favorite faces and drew them on paper so the kids could pick their favorite one to be our pumpkin face. Hyrum told us this year that he wanted a pumpkin with a scary face with teeth.When the face was chosen, Brandon went to work on drawing the face on the pumpkin and cutting the face out.

The kids watched Brandon work on the pumpkin for awhile, but soon lost interest. While Brandon was carving the pumpkin, I read to the kids some of our Halloween books.

I think Brandon did a great job carving the pumpkin. I don't think the pumpkin has a scary face, but the kids were still pleased with it. Emmy was stroking and hugging the pumpkin for most of the night. She loved the pumpkin.

The kids were fascinated when we put a candle in the pumpkin and turned off the lights. The kids were also excited when it was time to take the pumpkin outside and look at our spooky jack-o-lantern in the dark. The kids had a great time helping Brandon carve the jack-o-lantern. By the way, they do refer to the pumpkin once it has been carved, as a jack-o-lantern, even Ben and Emmy. They say the name so cute.

It was a great night.


gardeniagirl said...

Adorable! I especially like the shot of the pumpkin all lit up.

Mandy said...

Kids just love that, huh! So fun. I know I've said it a lot, but your kids are growing up! I love your header pictures! Great and fun family you have!