Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Star of the Week

Before Hyrum's school started, I was sent in an email various papers of important information from his teacher. One of the papers listed each child's name in the class and next to the name were the dates that the child would be the star of the week for the class. For the first day during the special week, the spolighted child was supposed to bring a poster to class that shared information about them. With excitement, I wrote down Hyrum's special week on my calendar and called my crafty sister Millie and my mom to help me get some fun things together for the poster. The package of fun things to put on the poster arrived quickly and I ordered pictures on -line for the poster.

On one of the days I dropped Hyrum off to school I noticed the little boy who was the week before Hyrum in the rotation for being the star, bring his poster to school. I commented on the cute poster. The mom and I continued to talk and I realized that it was Hyrum's week to be the star. The other boy was sick during his special week and was going to share the week with Hyrum.

I was so shocked and embarrassed. I couldn't believe that I forgot that it was Hyrum's special week; especially when I have been so looking forward to the week. I didn't tell him that we missed a day in his special week. That afternoon we went to work on his poster. Hyrum helped me pick what pictures he wanted for the poster. The pictures I ordered came during naptime in the mail that day. After I finished feeding the missionaries that night, I went to work on putting the poster together. It was a lot of work! I remembered many wonderful memories about my Handsome Hyrum as I put the poster together.

I was quite pleased with the results and Hyrum seemed pretty happy too.For the second day of being the star of the week, Hyrum was supposed to bring a favorite toy. He chose his toy car, the Sherrif from CARS. Don't ask me why he chose to bring that car, I have no idea. I tried to talk him in to bringing McQueen, or his special blanket, but he wouldn't budge. However, when we got to Ms. Tami's, he said that he wanted to switch what toy he wanted to bring, but it was a little too late for that.

The third and final day of being the star, Hyrum got to bring a treat to share. He chose Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies with candy blast. He wanted to bring cupcakes, but I talked him in to bringing cupcakes for his birthday.

Hyrum loved being the star of the week.


Jill Revell said...

This brings back such fond memories from my own childhood. We had Star days as well, except they were call VIP days. Too cute! He really is such a handsome little boy!

Michelle said...

How fun! What a handsome boy. You are such a wonderful mom and so creative!

steph and brent said...

That is precious! Spotlight days are so great. And his poster was fabulous. He looks so excited and proud!

mamasteph said...

Cute poster! Hyrum looks so happy in the pictures! What a cutie!