Sunday, October 11, 2009

Playing Family

My kids love playing family (House) together. They used to play family together every day, now not so often. They have played family for a few months now. The pictures in this post were taken in May, five months ago. If I remember correctly they have been playing family before May.

Everyone is assigned a part in the family. Most of the time Emmy is the mommy, Hyrum is the daddy Ben is a baby. Every once in awhile we get a random grandpa, dog, etc.

Emmy usually has a doll and her blanket(she calls it baby) that she is pushing around in the stroller, she has her purse and usually some accessories like her phone, sunglasses, necklaces etc. Of course she wears her play high heel shoes and sometimes she wears my shoes. Ben acts like a baby. When they first started to play I would wonder what was happening because I would hear been crying/whining the whole time. I soon came to realize that he was just playing his part in the family. He does a very great job at being the baby.

Hyrum also does a really good job being the daddy and takes great care of his family.

This particular time they played family they made me laugh since all of them wanted to wear a pair of shoes. The boys wanted to wear Brandon's shoes and Emmy wanted to wear my shoes. I love the way they have been playing so well together. Don't get me wrong, they still fight, but they love being and doing things together. It is fun to hear them play family and listen to the way they talk to each other. It is pretty funny and pretty humbling to hear their conversations as they play. I am so grateful that they love each other.


meg said...

that is so cute and so funny. watching kids play together--especially siblings--just cracks me up. Thanks for the lovely post.

Steph said...

That is so sweet! And it's great to see how they have a concept of the way family works. My sister and I loved playing house when we were little and also playing wedding :) It's all based on what they see as being happy and positive and that's a good thing!!