Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter-Part 1

The kids were so much fun during Easter this year. They were so excited for everything. A couple of days before Easter I got their Easter baskets out for them. The first thing they did with their baskets was put cars in them.

On the Thursday before Easter , while my parents were visiting, we had many "practice" Easter egg hunts. The kids were so cute. They would come running out as fast as their little legs could carry them.
Hyrum didn't mess around at all. He went quickly to gather as many eggs as he could.

Emmy would run around telling everyone to hurry in her little soprano voice. She would get so excited as she ran from egg to egg.

Ben was so cute, he would be picking up one egg and look over across the room and see another egg and he would drop the egg that he was about ready to put in his basket and head over to the other egg across the room. It was too funny.After each practice Easter egg hunt the kids would come and put their eggs back in the bag. Ben had to put his eggs in one at a time. Emmy would try to dump in her eggs all at once and more often then not, spill lots on the floor. The kids would then go back into the boys room and count while my parents and I hid the eggs again. Below is a picture of when the kids came out too soon and had to count some more in the hall and not peek. Ben and Emmy were trying really hard not to look.Papa was a good sport and let us hide eggs around him. The kids sure thought it was so silly when they would find eggs on Papa. Grandma even hid an egg in her boot.

At our house, the Easter Bunny comes the Friday before Easter. As a result, the Saturday morning before Easter at our house is a hopping place. The kids were so excited to come out and see what the Easter bunny brought them.

When Hyrum first came out, he went over to the table to discover that the Easter Bunny ate some of the carrots that we had laid out for him. He thought that was pretty neat.Ben and Emmy quickly found the bikes that they received from the Easter Bunny. They knew exactly which bike was who's. Ben got a CARS bike and Emmy got a pink bike. After they played on their bikes for a little bit, they went to discover what was in their Easter baskets and the other items the Easter Bunny had left them.The boys got matching ties, sandals, and dinosaur shirts. Hyrum was able to find some zebra gum in his basket. He was so excited that he did a little happy dance. Hyrum also found his t-ball set that he received from the Easter bunny as well as a toy lawnmower for the family.Everyone found bubbles in their basket which they were really excited about. They were also thrilled with the nummies they found in their basket.Emmy received two beautiful dresses and some new sandals from the Easter bunny. She was so excited when she found a little jewelry box shaped like a duck in her Easter basket. Inside she found a pretty duck necklace.It was Emmy who first noticed the nummies around the house. We had the kids go back into the hall way and come out to find the Easter eggs. Even with all our practicing the day before, Ben and Emmy still needed a little prompting on what to do. Hyrum did not need any reminder at all.After all the eggs and candy were found, the kids went back to playing with their bikes, bubbles and other goodies they received from the Easter Bunny. All the pictures with Emmy and her bike make me chuckle. You can tell that she was really excited for that bike. The kids also sneaked in a few treats that morning. I had to laugh at Ben, he wanted help getting open an Easter egg so he took it to Papa. Ben knew Papa was a softy for him.


steph and brent said...

It looks like Easter was a ball! The kids look so excited and proud of their finds.

Tiffany said...

How fun to have your parents there for Easter. Looks like your kiddos had a blast. Are you going to Utah this summer? Jared's getting married (shocker, I know) on July 2nd, so I'll be there from June 24th-July 13th.