Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Sweetheart!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my sweetheart for his special day! He is the big two eight this year! Who would believe it!? In honor of this hallmark occasion, I have decided to list twenty-eight reasons why he is great!
1. He has a great smile
2. He has a very contagious laugh
3. He is a great story teller, I love listening to his stories
4. He has a unique sense of humor that he loves to share
5. He has great people skills, people love him; especially the old ladies
6. He is a phenomenal teacher. Every time he teaches I am blown away
7. He looks for the best in everyone
8. He is eager to help someone in need and willing to give his time to help others (My sister Camille came up with this one)
9. He is a hard worker, he tries his best to do well at school and work (This one was my dad's idea)
10. He, in my opinion, is a spiritual giant. He knows the scriptures and gospel doctrines so well
11. He loves kids and is so great with them.
12. He takes time to play and enjoy his children
13. He has great shoulders for cuddling
14. He will watch chick-flicks with me just because he knows I like them
15. He is very forgiving
16. He is slow to anger
17. He has a great personality
18. He will take the time to dance with me since he knows I love to dance
19. He is not selfish at all and is constantly thinking of others
20. He brings me flowers often just because
21. He works hard to fulfill his calling in church
22. He has such a beautiful voice when he sings, it makes me smile every time I hear him.
23. He is a great swimmer
24. He is great at playing games; especially board games (My brother Sean came up with this one)
25. He makes an awesome score cake and is a mean pancake maker
26. His beautiful brown eyes
27. He is a wonderful poet
28. My mom says that Brandon is great because he loves me and treats me like a princess...I agree!

He is amazing! Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you!


Greg & Angel Johnson said...

Wow - he sounds even better than I thought!! Just kidding :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brandon!!

Jill said...

Happy birthday Brandon! I had completely forgotten about his story-telling until I read this and I completely agree!

You got yourself a good one, Natalie!

mamasteph said...

Happy birthday Brandon! What a thoughtful list! Totally laughing about the old ladies loving him by the way! :)

Carl and Starla said...

Happy b-day Brandon!

Our Family said...

Oh, you guys are so cute together. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you guys did the ward choir thing, music always has a way to bring in the spirit. And, it's always fun when grandparents are in town. You guys always have the cutest pictures on your blog.