Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun Times with Grandma and Papa

My parents were able to come out and visit us during the second week of April for a week. We had such a great time! We played hard while they were here.

The first day they came (their airplane arrived in the afternoon), we went to Wendy's for lunch. After Wendy's we headed off to the carousel at the mall. I forgot to take my camera, but we had a great time.

When we came home the kids were excited to show grandma and papa everything. Emmy showed off for them in her special pink cape with a fur collar. She would stick her little elbow out as she was turning a corner while she was running back and forth in the living room. It was too funny. I am bummed we didn't get a better picture of her running.Since the kids didn't get a nap that day, we decided to have a low key evening. The kids finished the evening by having grandma and papa read them the new Easter books grandma brought. Even though the picture of Ben below is by himself, he was read to many books by grandma and papa.
The next morning, we went downtown to the Peabody hotel to watch the ducks march. The kids, especially Emmy and Hyrum, thought the ducks were pretty cool and spent a long time watching the ducks swim in the fountain. The picture of grandma and papa below is one that Hyrum took since he wanted to take their picture.After seeing the ducks, we decided that since we were already downtown that we would meet Brandon and go out to lunch. Since the boys were wanting to ride the trolley, my parents took the kids on the trolley and I drove the van to the school. The boys loved riding in the trolley. In fact, Ben had his head sticking out the window like a dog. They drove by the school and Brandon say little Ben's head poking out the window. Emmy was worried about me the whole time while she was on the trolley. Hyrum was just content and pleased to be riding the trolley and enjoyed looking out the window.When we met up with Brandon we decided that we would have lunch at Central BBQ. It was fantastic. The kids did such a great job at the restaurant. I think it really helps having more adults then kids.

I have already posted about what we did that night on another post. You can read about it here. Also, I have already posted about what we did day three and four here.

The next day was a Monday and we headed off to a local park to try out the new bikes the kids got for Easter. The kids had a great time. They were so excited to each have their own bike to ride. We got about twenty minutes of riding in before it started to rain. Next, we decided to go the Children's Museum which I will post about in my next post.


Greg and Tammy said...

Oh how fun!! I bet the kids just LOVE having grandparents all to themselves!! How nice that they were able to visit.

steph and brent said...

It looks like you had a blast with your parents. How fun! I'm sure they love spending time with your little ones.

lcdiaz said...

How fun! I talked to your mom this last weekend and she said they just had an awesome time! The kids are growing up so fast and they look so cute! Happy really late birthdays by the way...sounded like it was really great! I love your new sewing machine...I wish I knew how to use one a bit better lol.

mamasteph said...

Isn't having grandparents around the best?! It looks like you guys had so much fun while they were here!