Sunday, November 04, 2007


Our ward put on a fabulous Trunk-or-Treat party! Hyrum was in heaven! He was around all of his friends from the ward. The party had a cake walk, duck pond, pumpkin painting, face painting and of course the trunk-or treat.

Hyrum mostly stayed by the duck pond where the water was and the cake walk. The babies loved looking around at all the many exciting things that were going on around them.

For the Trunk-or-Treat we decorated the back of our van as a castle and had our little princess(Emmy) and our dragon (Ben) sit in the back. We got so many compliments about our "decorations" as well as people coming to take pictures of them. By the end of the trunk-or-treat the babies were ready to get out of the back of the van.

Hyrum loved trunk-0r-treating and the idea of getting candy from every car we went to and was so excited to watch his pumpkin get filled up with candy.

The party was so enjoyable for both Brandon and I as well as the kids. We had a great time!

The sad part of the night is that we were given a plate of cupcakes to take home on my cute Halloween plate that I brought apples on for the party. Well, Brandon put the cupcakes on top of the car while we were getting our monkeys loaded up in their car seats. You guessed it, we forgot about the cupcakes and drove off with them on the top of our car! Needless to say the plate broke and the cupcakes were gone.

Other then that, it was a great night!
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Brian & Emily said...

OH MY GOSH!!! We LOVE the pictures!!! Who are those big babies -- what happened to our little twins?! they are absolutely precious in their costumes. It doesn't get much better than that! Unless of course you pull Hyrum into the mix and then we are in heaven! Love it you guys:)

John & Laura said...

I left a pan of enchiladas on top of our car when I was prego with JuJu on the way to a pot luck. I was sick and actually in the mood for enchiladas, so I was DOUBLY sad. No, triply sad--pregnant hormonal, sick, and in the mood for enchiladas.

Rebecca said...

How adorable! All three of the kids are so cute. And I LOVE the castle, princess, and dragon! Sorry about your cupcakes and plate. One time DH left his BADGE on top of his cruiser and drove off! Luckily an honest neighbor found it and returned it! LOL Happy Halloween!

(r-twins from TS)

Amy said...

Those costumes are so adorable!