Monday, November 12, 2007

Look who's three!

My handsome Hyrum celebrated his third birthday recently! I can't believe he is already three!

As most of you know Hyrum loves Mickey Mouse (he even has a special blanket that has Mickey on it). So, it was no surprise that Hyrum picked out the Mickey invitations for his party. He was so excited when Brandon and I were getting the house ready for the party. My dad called to wish him a Happy Birthday and Hyrum talked his ear off about all the fun things that were happening to the house. He knew something great was going to happen and he was right.

To start off, Hyrum loves having anyone over at the house so to have so many friends made his day. He loved having everyone coming to his house. !

For his party we did a bean bag toss. We used our castle, that we made for the trunk or treat, and cut out a couple of windows for the kids to throw the bean bags through. We called the castle "Mickey's Castle." The kids had so much fun with it, especially Hyrum. Many of Hyrum's friends came more then once to through the bean bags. After the kids through the bean bag through the whole they were able to pick out a disney sticker.

Next, we had to the kids go fishing behind our shower curtain. Hyrum's friends loved getting the prizes!

The last activity for the party that we had was a Nemo Pinata. ( I tried to find a Mickey pinata, but no such luck). It was so fun to watch the kids hit the pinata. Of course, being three year olds they didn't have the strength to break it so Brandon broke it open. The kids were so cute with the candy! The kids instantly ran to go and get the candy when the pinata broke, but most of them were content just to get one piece and go back to mom. It took some nudging to have the kids to get more candy. Also, it was quite amusing to watch the kids go after certain peices. Hyrum went after the suckers and his friend Hailey went after all the bubble gum.

After the pinata, we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum and enjoyed having some Mickey cake and Ice Cream. I put some figurines that I had on the cake from when I went on a trip to Disney land a long time ago.

Then Hyrum really enjoyed himself opening his presents. The word of the day was definetly WOW! Hyrum was saying that as he was opening up the many fun presents from his friends!

Overall, it was a really great party and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun!

After the party, Hyrum was able to enjoy one of his favorite meals, chicken nuggets, and open up other presents he got from family and friends from far away. Once again he loved opening them and was so excited about every present and repeating the word WOW over and over again.

Later that night, we had his other favorite meal, pizza, and watch the movie Meet the Robinsons

It was such an exciting day! I don't think Hyrum could have asked for a better birthday! As he was snuggling with me before he went to bed that night he was singing Happy Birthday to himself. I think that describes how he felt about his wonderful birthday!
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Kathryn said...

That sounds like so much fun! You are such a great mom! I think we'll have a little party when Tyson turns 2- that should be crazy fun.

Jill said...

I have no idea why, but this post made me miss you guys so much! You wanna move out here when you're done with school?

Rebecca said...

How fun! What a great party! I loved the pictures. We can't decide if we want to do a party when C and H turn 3... ???

on steph and brent said...

Natalie! I found you on Jill's blog links. Wow! You have an adorable family. My mom has given me updates whenever she hears what you're up to. You guys look so happy. I hope you're doing well. Take care! -- Stephanie (Terry) Valdez