Friday, November 30, 2007

Trip To Texas!

For Brandon's long Thanksgiving break, we went to Texas. The drive from Memphis is only 7 1/2 hours, but with our family it becomes a 9 hr drive! Overall, the babies did pretty good for that long of a drive. We only heard a peep out of Hyrum when he needed a new movie in the DVD player.

We had tons of fun with family. Hyrum had fun going on a walk with grandpa in the red wagon. Hyrum loved being able to play with his cousin Alizabeth. Hyrum also loved all the fun toys Grandma T. picked up for him to play with. Hyrum especially enjoyed the kid car that he was able to drive. He was a little wild, so you have to watch out.

The babies were a little nervous when they first met everyone, but warmed up to them really quickly; especially Ben. Ben loved sitting on Grandpa T.'s lap and enjoying whatever his grandpa was eating. Emily was content to be held for a little bit, but was content for the most part to have mom hold her.

I think one of Brandon's favorite part of the visit was that he was able to spend time with some of his best friends from high school who he hasn't seen in five years. His friends had a little party for us on Wednesday and we all went out to lunch on Friday.

It was nice to meet all the people who Brandon talks about all the time and all of the crazy things they did. Brandon also took me on a drive around the area where he grew up and showed me his high school and were he did his swim team. We hadn't done this before since Brandon's parents moved out of the area where Brandon went to high school right before Brandon went on his mission.

It was a really great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. I will do a separate post about Thanksgiving later once I get the computer to work again.

I think Hyrum's comment really sums up our time in Texas. As we left, he said, "Wow, that was fun."
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2 + 2 = 4 said...

How cool! Where in TX? You are so brave to drive that far with twins! My girls can't take the 4 hours to WY!

Brandon and Natalie said...

We went to the Dallas area.

Emmy's Bows said...

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