Thursday, November 01, 2007

General Conference

Conference this year was wild with two babies and Hyrum. Thank goodness we were still able to stay at home and watch conference via the Internet. What a blessing! I couldn't imagine my three little monkeys actually lasting through one session of Conference let alone four at the chapel. We did the traditional breakfast that my family did growing up and settled down to watch conference.

Hyrum of course needed his Elmo chair and something to take notes on. However, after he saw where mommy was sitting (in the pink recliner) he decided he wanted to sit there. So he asked mom if Elmo could sit on the pink chair and he could sit on Elmo. I told him no, that Elmo could sit on the ground. However, after I left my spot to check on the babies, he decided that he was going to sit there.

As a result, mommy ending up sitting on the floor, but as you can tell definitely not alone by the end of conference.

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Brian & Emily said...

I love you guys. Definitely.