Friday, November 16, 2007

More Halloween Photos!

I promise this is my last Halloween post. For Halloween we went trick-or-treating with a few families in our ward. We all met at one of our friends' house and headed out with 9 kids and three strollers.

The Halloween night was amazing. I have never gone out on Halloween and have not needed a jacket of some sort. It was so much fun! Hyrum loved being around his friends. Hyrum especially loved the idea of getting candy from every door. Since Hyrum was a cowboy, he wore cowboy boots. However, after a short period of time, he was complaining that his toes were hurting. As a result, Brandon or I ended up carryinh him while the other one pushed the stroller. It was so funny, as soon as the kids went to another house to go trick-or-treating, Hyrum would want to get down and run to the door yelling trick-or-treat over and over again. He definetly didn't want to miss out on getting any candy. The babies were content to be pushed around once again and look at all the many different costumes.
After awhile of trick or treating we went back to our friends' house and enjoyed some adult goodies. A nice pumpkin spice treat which I still need to get the recipe, sugar cookies, a variety of breads and many other wonderful things.

While the parents were enjoying their food the kids explored the wonderful treasures they got from trick-or-treating (after mom or dad did a look through the treats to make sure nothing was in there that shouldn't be). However, the kids had to watch out because Ben and Emmy were on the lose to grab anything and everything they left on the floor.
All in all it was a very full night and the kids were exhausted, but really enjoyed themselves!
Every day for at least two weeks after Halloween Hyrum asked if he could go trick-or-treating again. He told me that Ben would be a dragon, Emmy a Princess and he would be a Cowboy. It was so fun to see how excited he got and how much he loved Halloween. I think he somewhat understood the concept of the holiday this year.
Below are pictures of the twins in their Halloween costumes when we got their one year pictures taken.


John & Laura said...

Ben's little laugh-smile is so cute!! I love it!

Kathryn said...

Those costumes are so cute!! I'm not kidding- that looks like a lot of work just put the things on! You have adorable children.

The Revells said...

That is just too cute!