Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pumpkin Carving!

Hyrum loved doing one of Brandon's favorite things to do which is pumpkin carving. With a fun new tool from Grandma B., Hyrum and Brandon set out on the grand adventure of carving a pumpkin for FHE earlier this week.Hyrum was fascinated by what was inside the pumpkin and the texture of everything. As most of you know, as soon as Hyrum's hands are the slightly dirty, sticky etc. he wants to wash them. However, we were able to talk him into waiting until after he carved the pumpkin.

He took his job of carving the pumpkin very seriously and had to do anything that his daddy was doing. Here he is practicing drawing a pumpkin face with daddy.

The end result was fabulous. Hyrum loves his pumpkin that he has carved and has asked many times if he can just sit and hold his pumpkin. I think that we will probably carve a pumpkin every year because what is Halloween without the joy of carving a pumpkin?


Brian & Emily said...

So fun!! We have such great memories of pumpkin carving last year with you guys! We miss you!

Jack and Bernice said...

Yeah for pumpkins! Your guys' turned out great!