Friday, June 22, 2007

Pre-school Days!

Last week for pre-school we went on a "field trip" with grandma-B and my little sister Camille to The Bean Museum (I know I am pushing it, but what would a good pre-school be without any field trips?). We had so much fun! Hyrum loved looking at the animals and would run from one thing to the next. It was so funny, with the lions, we wanted him to stand by them to get a picture, but he wouldn't get to close. He wanted to make sure that there was a good distance between him and the lions. I would day that his favorite animals that he looked at were the hippo, the lions, the bears, the fishes and the alligator. What can I say, he loved it all. The babies were content to just sit in their stroller and look around. Afterwards, we went to BYU Creamery and enjoyed their marvelous ice cream cone.

This week we had a very busy week so for "pre-school" we finger painted using our fingers and sponges. Hyrum loved it! We don't get out the paint very often due to how messy it is. We made some beautiful pictures and even placed one on the door to welcome daddy when he came home from work. Next week we will be doing the letter 'b'. By the way, if you look closely at the pictures you can see Hyrum's pants are on backwards. Needless to say Hyrum dressed himself, but at least he is trying!

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Emily and Brian said...

SO FUN! Man, I want to be in pre-school too:) It was so fun to talk to you guys yesterday! We'll definitely call this weekend -- we need a "Tibbitts fix!"