Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A is for Adventure!

One of the goals that I have recently set is to try and do some sort of a little pre-school with Hyrum. Well, we had our first day almost two weeks ago and let me tell you A is definetly for adventure! It took a lot of coaxing and bribing to get Hyrum to do the first couple of activities, but after awhile he seemed to enjoy it. Especially when Uncle Sean joined us at the end.

I took a lot of ideas from my friend Rebecca's blog and what she has been doing with her twins for pre-school.

A" Day:
We (and when I say 'we' I mean 'I') sang a song to the tune of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" - Once a little apple seed was planted in the ground. Down came the raindrops, falling all around. Out came the big sun, bright as bright could be. And that little apple seed grew to be an apple tree.
I showed them a capital 'A' and a small 'a'. We said "A".
We looked at pictures of things that start with 'A' - ape, armadillo, ant, apron, acorn, anchor, alligator, apple. We named each item. I found the pictures on line.
We colored a picture of an alligator.
We went to the site called Starfall and did their activities for the letter A.
I showed Hyrum three different apples, one red, one green, and one yellow. They both identified them all as apples and we talked about how they are all apples, even though they are different colors.
Snack time: we ate one of the apples.
Story: We read The Ants Go Marching

Hyrum eating his green apple and coloring an Alligator

Reading a story with Uncle Sean


laura said...

Good for you--doing preschool with him. He will learn to love it and will treasure those times with you!

Jill said...

Don't you just love starfall? Good job with preschool--I still don't have the motivation yet. Maybe someday.

Emily and Brian said...

Fun preschool! You're so good:)
We miss you guys SOOOOO bad! I'm so sad not being up there to play with you -- its summer, EVERY day should be baby day! We don't get a cell signal in the house we're in, so we'll go for a long drive this weekend and give you guys a call. Its been an interesting experience down here so far, that's for sure.

Nada said...

Oh, how fun! Way to be a super mom!

Amy said...

That's awesome! I love doing preschool with Gwendolyn. It pays off...she's learning so much.